Nobility Technology Group‘s (NTG) main focus is on smart gadget design for aviation applications. Our services are based on developing smart devices by integrating on-board AI. The NTG’s products will cover many applications based on their Multifunctionality, Secure Data Collection and Being User Friendly.

Smart Bracelet

Our product will monitor your body full time and adopt to your health status with implemented AI to provide detail accurate information.

It is designed to be cheap and accessible for any user all around the world, regardless of their gender, age and occupation.

Monitoring status of your health is now possible with the desired accuracy.


The collected data is secure and processed onboard. No extra access is required to have the full functionality.


The battery usage is very low and onboard processing is highly efficient. Componet and sensors designed for optimized mode.


Our device is simple and user friendly. Carrying the gadget whole day doesn't need any effort.


This smart device is multifunctional for all user in any situation. providing Limitless conditions for users is our uniqueness.


"BoostUp Group is our main partner to support us with their huge connection. The BoostUp's experts network is the key aspect of our success. Their support is essential to reach our ultimate goal. "
"Haidian Pioneer Park is located in the heart of Beijing innovation and technology development zone. HPP is supported us with all the facilities required for a technology startup to develop our idea."

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